TouchlessAutomaticSoapDispenser HandSoap

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Product Name: Automatic soap dispenser

Material: ABS

Capacity: 400 ml

Power supply mode: powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included)

Occasion: bathroom, dining room, kitchen, school

Package weight: 0.34kg

Color: sky blue

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Auto sensor dispenses
soap without touch.
Easy to fill opening is ideal
for liquid soaps and sanitizers.
Works great with Hand sanitizers
to kill up to 99.9% of germs.
Operates with 4 x AAA batteries
(not included).
Item Size: 5.3”x3.2”X 8”
Works with many liquid soaps
and hand sanitizers.
DO not use with gr anulated,
foaming or overly thick soaps
and hand sanitizers.
DO not use with lotions,
shampoo, and conditioners.

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Easy to set up automatic soap dispenser:
1.Lithium Battery inside,Type C charging..
2. Twist the container lid anti-clockwise then open the cover gently. Fill the reservoir with liquid soap,about three quarter of it,(tank is 400ml capacity). Close it tight.
3. Swith on: press and hold the on button for 2-3 seconds (the red light will flash).
Swith off: press and hold the on buttoon for 2-3 seconds (the indicate light off).
4. Put your hand under the sensor to let the dispenser start to work.

1. 100%hands free

2. Hands never touch the dispenser to avoid germs (automatic touch free)

3. Easy to Fill- no mess

4. For use with liquid soap and hand sanitiser

5. Perfect for bathrooms,Kitchens, Battery 4*AAA(not included)

6. Have CE RoHs certificate

7.No led light at the bottom


♠Quick sensing liquid, non-contact sensing technology: the hand reaches the sensing area under the nozzle, the nozzle can automatically sense the liquid, the whole process is free of contact, avoid cross infection, more sanitary and convenient

♠Classic minimalist design: compact body, suitable for all kinds of environments. Minimalist design, easy to integrate into the bathroom, kitchen and other environments. The hand sanitizer bottle is made of high-grade matte material, which is clear and clean and can Be used at any time

♠Say goodbye to the traditional way of washing hands, let the children fall in love with washing hands: pure induction only needs to reach out and the fullness of the foam will come out immediately, simple, fun and hygienic, let the children develop a Good habit of washing hands, healthy and thriving

♠Abundant foam, penetrates into the pores, deep cleansing: reasonable control of the ratio of gas to liquid bubbles, the formation of the three-dimensional foam has strong adhesion. Delicate, dense foam for better coverage of the skin's epidermis, direct pores for Deep cleansing

♠Automatic washing of mobile phones: Reach out for foaming and bacteriostatic. Free contact and more sanitary

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