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Flies are not only annoying, they are extremely dangerous! They carry bacteria and diseases that can contaminate your food.
The Fly Repellent Fan keeps flies and pests away from your food and drink table, allowing you to relax and enjoy dining outdoors.

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Fly repellent fan
Are you fed up with all the flies and insects while enjoying your food outdoors? This problem will be in the past with our fly repellent fan!

Flies and various insects are scared away due to rotating blades.
100% animal-friendly.

-Child-friendly due to Soft touch blades
-2x AA batteries (not included)
-Stands firmly on any table
-Wingspan 40 cm


Brand Fly Repellent Fan
Color Black
Material ABS
Power output 0.9W
Package 98*95*260mm
Net weight 251.6g
Gross weight 319.5g


Fly Repellent Fan - Black (5)

Reflective strip. There are reflective strips on the fan blade, which are used to drive away flies and other small flying insects when the equipment is working.

Soft material, the equipment will not hurt hands when working

Soft material, the equipment will not hurt hands when working.


Power supply mode,2 ordinary no. 5 dry batteries to provide power (without batteries, customers need to buy by themselves).


5.Bottom structure, 4 Angle protection non-slip pad, anti-slip and anti-fall, not on the table.

Fly Repellent Fan is the best way to keep bees and flies away from food both indoors and outdoors, because it is free of chemicals, odors, and noise,
keeping us away from the interference of flying insects.

Product Features

1. Eco-friendly Materials

Item uses new environmental protection materials, and pass the RoHS and REACH test.

2. Rotating soft blades

The rotating soft blades simulate a threat to keep flies away by using harmless, chemical free technology.

3. DC Hole

This item can be charged by USB line or additional 5V DC adaptor or powered by 2xAA batteries (not included).

Technical Data

1. Materials: ABS+PVC

2. Power Supply: 2*1.5V AA battery, it also can charge USB power line or by additional 5V DC adaptor(not included)

3. Keeps flies away by using harmless, Chemical Free technology.

4. Feather soft blades make it harm free.

5. 100% effective in keeping flies away from food.

6. Working range: about 50 square meters

Product Description

Hot Selling Solf Flexible Blades Fan Fly Repeller Battery Fly Repellent

EFFECTIVE: The rotating blades keep flies, wasps, horse-flies and other flying insects away of your food and drinks. The reflective holographic spots enhanced this effect.

SILENT: The fly scarer doesn't make a noise and you can enjoy your meal without annoying sounds. The blades are soft and stop instantly if they come in contact with anything.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Not use any chemicals,Safe for the use around food, drinks and children.

DECORATIVE DESIGN: Simple and lightweight design perfect for any restaurant or your private BBQ

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