• Automatic Rotating Catch Training Cat Laser Toy

    Automatic Rotating Catch Training Cat Laser Toy

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  • Electric mosquito swatter

    Electric mosquito swatter

    The electric mosquito racket is mainly composed of three parts, namely, high frequency oscillation circuit, triple voltage rectifier circuit and high voltage motor network DW. When the power switch is pressed, the high frequency oscillator works by powering on, turning t...
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  • Fly repellent fan(usb)

    Fly repellent fan(usb)

    Flies are fully shape-shifting insects with a life span of only about a month, but they have a strong ability to reproduce. Everybody common musca domestica, big head gold fly, musca sericata belongs to omnivorous fly kind, ingest food extensively namely secretions of livestock and poultry and ex...
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  • Fly repellent fan

    Fly repellent fan

    A little trouble is a great mischief Flies do a lot of damage, affecting your appetite, carrying viruses, and buzzing. The flies are moving everywhere, and there are many dirty substances on the body. After touching something, the suckers on its hands and feet stick to t...
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