Mosquito Racket Swatter Bat Electric Fly Swatter

Short Description:

Outer stainless steel net + inner aluminum net,
high efficiency electric shock.
It is safe, effective, good quality and durable.

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Product Description

Product name Battery type electric mosquito bat
Product size 15.7*45.5CM
Material HIPS+ stainless iron net + aluminum net + electronic components
Product weight 285g
Rated voltage 3V
Battery specifications 2 size 5 AA batteries
Output voltage about 1500V
Colours red, yellow, blue and custom colours
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Main Features

1.2 pieces Rechargeable Batteries , Economical And Strong Practicability.

2.The Mosquito Swatter With Pioneering Double Discharge Circuit, Warm Up To 2300 V, Kill Mosquitoes Immediately.

3.Built-In Discharge Resistance, No Harm To Human.

4.Special Three Layers Network, Flies Fly In Easily, And Hardly Slip Out.


1.Charge 8 To 12 Hours Before The First Use.

2.Press The Switch And Hit The Flies On Target, Turn Off It When Not Work.

3.Batteries Used For Mosquito Swatter, Lights Flashing, Namely Recharge 6-10 Hours.


1. Please install two AA batteries in the battery box before use.
2. Hold the handle tightl0y, press the switch button to turn on the power, power up and be ready to kill any insects. In the capture
Be sure to keep the switch on tightly pressed when insects are on.
3. Outer protective net, no tingling sensation when touched, but not recommended. Do not touch the Intranet. If you do, you will
Felt a microtremor.
4. Kill insects can be removed from the electric mosquito bat by brushing or shaking. Do not wash them with water.
5. When the sound and blue flash are weak when hitting the mosquito, the battery is low, so it is necessary to install two
The new AA batteries are back in normal use.

Pay attention to

● Please do not squeeze the net surface of the electric mosquito bat with your fingers.
● Please do not use the electric mosquito bat near flammable gas and liquid.
● Please do not use water to clean the electric mosquito bat.
● Please do not insert metal objects into the middle of the net surface to play.


1.Keep It Away From Children.

2.Do Not Switch And Touch Mesh When Charging.

3.Do Not Use It At The Places Where Flammable Gas Or Liquid Existed.

4.Charge It In Time And Charge It Before It Doesn’t Work For Long Time.

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