Lint remover manual deluxe plastic carpet lint brush

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The main function of the brush is to clean clothes
Dust hairs on beds and sofas are especially useful for users with pets
Its characteristic lies in that it can be pushed and pulled repeatedly by brush and box
Clean the bristles directly

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Product Name Lint remover manual deluxe plastic carpet lint brush
Material plastic
Color Blue
Port of shipment Ningbo
OEM/ODM Available
Package OPP/Carton/Customized

Electrostatic adsorption principle is adopted

No damage to the clothes.A brush easy hair removal pet hair removal magic device.

1. Remove the hair
2. Adsorb the scurf
3. Push the brush into the
4. Open the base against the wool direction storage box and draw again and pour out the scurf.


Household clothes hair

remover remove hair without hand washing,

push and pull operation up and down, no need to touch dirt.

Hair removal brush is suitable

for washing the dust and hair on clothes, beds and sofas. It is also very useful for pets.

Use cases

thr (1)
thr (2)
kyu (1)

1.Press down from theedge of the base withyour right thumb.

2.And then use yourleft

index finger to keep it open.At the same time use your

right thumb to open theother side of the edge.

3. Finally, open the self-cleaning base easily.

kyu (2)

Follow the direction of thebristles when using:

the brush is directional, so youneed to sweep it "against thegrain" (rough) on items.

lf going with the grain (smooth),it won't pick up the hair efficiently.

1. EASY AND EFFECTIVEPlease sweep it against thedirection of the bristles to makesure it can collect hairs effcient

1.Picks up a variety of messes.

Pet Hair Remover & Lint Remover isgreat at keeping your dothes,

fabric, and pet areas free ofmesses.This self-deaning lintbrush picks up

.Pet fur.Hair.Lint

.Dust bunny hordes

2.Includes our ingenious self-cleaning base

Cleaning is a cnch! The self-deaningbase is lined with the same microfiberbristles that line the Pet Hair

Remover & Lint Remover. Just dipPet Hair Remover & Lint Removerinto the self-deaning base to removethe mess. Fur collects into the

collection tray at the bottom thebase.

3.Travel companion during thejourney.

In order to quickly dean your vehidleinterior or dothes, travel-sized pethair remover and lint remover.Justpop out the top to reveal the lintbrush, use the base as the handle andswipe in the direction of the arrow.Asmall collection tray at the bottom ofthe base is removable, so you caneasily dispose of debris.

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