Indoor UV Light ABS Plastic Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp Electronic

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Physical mosquito killing, no harmful substances produced, healthy and safe
Low power saves electricity.
Mosquito Killer Light!
The best choice for your life.

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Mosquito Killer (1)


Eco-friendly Materials
Item use new environmental
protection materials,
and pass the RoHS and
REACH test.

Working Life 50000 hours
The item use 4PCS UV LED to
attract insects, the LED save
most of energy and working
life 50000 hours.

03 High Voltage
More than 800V
High voltage metal grid
more than 800V, kill
insects immediately.

safe cover design

effective mosquitorepellent

certified professionaltechnology

with electric grid inside canhelp the lamp effectively killsinsects.

indoor use 50hz mosquitokiller.

along with collection tray tocollects death insects and easyfor cleaning.

*indoor use 50hz mosquito killer.*there is a uva light to attractinsects,mosquitoes and flies.and internal grid voltage output220v ac to kill pests.

flame retardant absthe casing made of fire-resistantabs material,strong and durable

high-tension electricshock   anti-fume corrosion, durable,highlighting quality

with collection trayat the bottom  detachable and easy to clean

wireless plugeasy to operate and move   all-inclusive networkprotection and safetyavoid accidentally touching the power grid, safe and no leakage

powerful blue-violet light wave mosquito trap lt is impossible to escape from a mesh electric shock  2500v stainless steel grid, kill in one second high-voltage power grid kills mosquitoes, no mosquito can leave

Applicable scene

suitable for indoor places such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets,exhibition halls, canteens, kitchens, office areas, schools, farms, etc.


Poids 80g
Taille 14.5*8.5*4cm
Frequence 50HZ
Tension nominale AC 220V
Uitilisation optimale de I'espace 20 m'-50 m'
Puissance 1W
Tension du reseau electrique >DC600V
Resistance isolee >500MΩ
Fuite de courant electrique <0.1MA
Mosquito Killer (5)
Mosquito Killer (4)
Mosquito Killer (5)

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