Funny tumbling cat toy tumbler feather pet toy cat

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360 degrees of irregular rotation, release the cat’s playful nature, stimulate the hunting nature

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Colour Name:Tumbler feather cat toy (Yellow,Blue)

* Provide interactive, entertaining and mental stimulation.

* This toy can avoid the cat from scratching furniture and floors.

* It is ideal for exercising your cat body and mind, while having a great time watching your cat have a blast with this bounceback.

* 2 usages, with or without the red stick. Attachment To Top Of Ball. Encourages healthy activity during playing.

* This tumbler keeps standing up, make your pet feel more interesting, energetic, nimbler.

one-button start  Enjoy automatic funny cat

Automatically tease the catrelease your hands 360°irregular rotation

Sweet bells The built-in bell ball, will make a sound, attract cats

Natural feathers, peace of mind and lightnessReplaceable feathers to keep the cat fresh

New ABS plastic production, safe and worry-freeComfortable and durable, environmentally friendly and odorless

automatically tease the cat to explorethe cat’s playful nature,free yourhands,and accompanyit through the

random route and irregular movementdirection to stimulate curiosity andautomatically change direction withoutworrying about staying in the corner

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Safe and environmentally friendly material
Selected high quality natural feather, environmental protection non-toxic plastic, let the cat play at ease

Sweet bells
With bell design, shake to make a pleasant sound to attract the attention of the cat

The tumbler principle
Using the tumbler principle, the center of gravity is in the lower part, how to push will not fall

Independent color card packaging
Fun, eye-catching, customizable packaging


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