Fly Repellent Fan – White

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Portable: The Fly Repellent Fan is small and portable, perfect for picnics, camping, etc. This is the perfect outdoor accessory for anyone who needs to stay away from bugs without hurting them. You can use USB power cord for indoor and outdoor activities.

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Fly Repellent Fan! is an effective chemical-free fly deterrent for use in and around homes,including patios and outdoor dining areas.

Two flexible blades rotate at the top of the unit to produce iridescent light and air movement that keeps flies at bay. The Fly Repellent Fan is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack to provide hours of fly repellent motion. The Fly Go! can be used either hanging or free-standing, on tabletops and other affected areas, for effective and trouble-free control of nuisance flies.

directions for use

Use the USB charger provided to charge the
Fly Go! Before first use, allow 4-5 hours charging to ensure the battery pack is fully charged.
Turn the unit on/off by the switch on the base of the unit.
Place the unit on a tabletop or suspend using the hanging loop.
For occasional use only; not to be left switched on as a permanent solution to flying insect problems.


1. When DC power is connected, battery power is automatically disconnected.
2. Pay attention to directions for use.

Fly Repellent Fan - White

Advantages of Fly Repellent Fan

Brand Fly Repellent Fan
Color White
Material ABS
Power output 3.7V
Package 85*85*245mm
Net weight 160g
Gross weight 220g

1.Enjoy the conversation while dining al fresco without constantly swatting away flies.
2.This is a lightweight odor-free fan, which can be placed outdoors or on a picnic table to prevent flies from targeting food and nasty bugs from crawling all over food.
3.Product fan leaf refracts light to expel insects and flies.
4.If something touches the blade, the blade will stop, causing no harm to the human body, and then resume rotation.
5.Hook, hook at the bottom, the product can be placed or upside dow.

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Silence: You want to stay away from flies, bugs and mosquitoes, but you're also looking for a quiet way to relieve yourself. This fan has a gentle soothing breeze to keep you cool.

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